Besides the crude oil processing, the operations accomplished by STEAUA ROMANA Refinery include a secondary activity consisting in the collection, transportation and processing of waste oils resulted from industrial or non-industrial operations.
    The following waste oils, included in the classes I and II, as stipulated by the Romanian Government Decision no. 235/2007: motor oils, hydraulic oils, industrial oils, electrical transformer oils, power unit turbine oils, owned either by companies or by individuals, may be collected, transported and processed within the STEAUA ROMANA Refinery.
    Since waste oils are dangerous substances that negatively impact the environment when inadequately managed, STEAUA ROMANA Refinery has obtained all the necessary licences for such operations. In this respect, the refinery has environment authorisations for the transportation and processing of waste oils, as well as the legal authorisations for the means of transportation and the related personnel.
    STEAUA ROMANA refinery is a reliable and trustworthy partner for the collection, processing and use of waste oils and for environment protection.
   The waste oil collection is achieved on contractual basis in full safety and on advantageous terms for all our partners.
    STEAUA ROMANA Refinery is open to cooperate with all the waste oil suppliers from Romania for the collection of any quantity of such oils.

Address: Calea Doftanei nr. 15, Code 105600, Campina, Judetul Prahova, Romania
Cod postal 105600
Registration number to the Romanian trade Office: J 29/148/1991
VAT number: RO1322632 / 1992
Social capital: 4,138,347.50 LEI
Phone: +40 244 336 151; Fax: +40 244 337 341