Environment protection has been and continues to be a major target for STEAUA ROMANA Refinery. The guidelines for the effective achievement of this target are the following:

A.    Permanent limitation of the environmental impact of the refinery daily operations
  • In this respect, the refinery takes actions to:
    • monitor all environmental factors in accordance with the requirements set by the Integrated Environment Authorisation;
    • manage installations and processes for a minimal impact over the environment, below legal limits;

B.    Limitation of the environment contamination generated by the historical pollution.
  • During more than 100 years of operation, due to the technologies used in that time, an historical pollution has unfortunately resulted and is located in three areas owned by the refinery:
    • acid tar sumps named “Turnatorie”, with an effective area of 3.3 ha and a volume of 70,000 m3;
    • acid tars sumps named “Bucea” with an effective area of 5.7 ha and a volume of 80,000 m3;
    • the oil mud battalion with an area of 0.5 hectares and an estimated volume of 27,000 m3; in the same location there is the Pestelui lake, which has been used up to now as the natural biological water treatment step, which has an area of 5 hectares and an estimated 46,000 m3 of sludge.
For the recovery of the natural environment, all these sumps should be empted and cleaned. For emptying and greening of acid tar deposits, Steaua Romana refinery S.A. has undertaken over the years several steps and actions to identify viable, cost-effective technologies. These actions continue today.