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Along the time, the production profile (production of fuels and lubricants) of STEAUA ROMANA refinery underwent many and diverse changes.

During the inter-war period, the refinery has developed tremendously based on vanguard technologies that allowed for a diversified production profile, centred on fuels, motors oils, industrial oils and special products.
After the Second World War, the refinery never reached the crude oil processing capacity reached during the pre-war period. The investment policy, completely disadvantageous to the refinery, did not allow for the maintenance or modernization of the production profile. This situation led to the limitation of the production range, especially for mineral oils produced by polluting processes.

Thus, the refinery production profile became strictly limited to the nature and quality of the crude oil, i.e. paraffin oil, and the products obtained had a reduced processing level.

After privatization, the main shareholder has reassessed the production profile and structure and on the basis of flexible and efficient management aims at implementing an ambitious program for the development and modernization of the refinery. The main purpose is to maintain and improve the organization position on the market, within the present competitive environment, for the products of the refinery: paraffin solvents, EURO Diesel fuels, high quality fuels for domestic and industrial use, paraffin with improved characteristics and other products required by customers.