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The refinery is integrated in the ensemble of refineries from Prahova county and also in the crude oil supplying system from the oilfields.
Thus, the refinery can be supplied with crude oil by railway, by auto tank cars, using a special unloading platform and also by pipeline from coterminous oilfields.
The refinery is connected to the Baicoi and Slobozia oilfields by pipelines with a length of 14.1 km and diameter of 150 mm, owned by Conpet Ploiesti.
The products obtained in the refinery can be delivered by railway tanks, auto tank cars and a part of them (primary distillation gasoline and commercial diesel oil) by pipelines belonging to Petrotrans Ploiesti, either to Petrotrans storage centres, or directly to Petrobrazi (primary distillation gasoline only). The pipelines have a length of 30 km and a diameter of 150 mm.
The refinery has storage facilities specialised by products categories that preserve the quantity and quality of the output. These facilities have a capacity of over 90,000 tons. At the same time, the refinery owns means of transportation to the loading platforms for railway and auto dispatch. The platforms are equipped with automatic and semiautomatic weighing systems.
For railway dispatch, the refinery has its own railway system, consisting of three engines, qualified personnel and its own railway tank cars, with a total capacity of about 350 tones (14 railway tank cars with two or four axles).
The car fleet is an integral part of the transportation department and consists in a full range of auto means, including high capacity auto tank cars. The department assures own transportation needs of the refinery and it can also provide transportation services to third parties, using auto tank cars or other adequate type of vehicles.