1. Training Program :  

Beginning with September 2008, for a six-month period, STEAUA ROMANA Refinery organizes a training program for the professions of crude oil processing operator and petrochemistry operator. The training activity will take place within the refinery. The graduates will receive professional certificates which are recognised by the Ministry of Education, Research and Youth and by the Ministry of Labour, the Family and Equal Opportunities. Registrations are made until 15 August 2008 at the refinery headquarters.

2. Vacancies :

a.   Engineers specialized in the following fields:

1.    Crude oil processing;
2.    Civil and industrial buildings;

b.    Jurists specialized in civil, commercial and labour law;
c.    Economists for the sales, investments, financial & accounting and internal control departments
d.   Accountants specialized in financial and managerial accounting.

The recruitment and selection of the candidates are made according to the internal regulations, salary grids, professional background and competencies proven by candidates.
Besides professional skills, experience, focus on quality and results, we further expect from candidates the following:

  • Strong attitude toward labour, dedication, courage and responsibility;
  • Respect, confidence, willingness to work in teams and to help others;
  • Adaptability, up-to-date sensitivity, enthusiasm, motivation and leadership abilities;
  • Willingness to update, to create, to make decisions and to assume risks, in order to continuously improve target achievement and to comply with high safety and quality standards.
Are you searching for a place where you will increase your abilities?
If you have the necessary abilities and experience, you will find in our company opportunities for all career levels.

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If you are interested to participate in our refinery development, if you are a specialist or just young and without experience, we are waiting for you to apply for vacancies and to send us your CV and letter of intent at the e-mail address: